Renée Violet Brings Her Armour and Makes Terrific Dark Souls Scenes

Daughter Renée Violet poses for father Jim Miles. Directed by Dax.

Every good photo session needs a shot of the TPS business card, used to acquire colour balance. And to also shamelessly plug the Terrific Portrait Studio experience on our website.
Renée made her armour using foam purchased from the Dollar Store.
Putting on armour requires a helper. Where’s the Squire? He’s busy taking this picture.
Dax approves. The shoot may now proceed.
Renée did this concept sketch.
Jim and Renée execute.
Cover art from the Dark Souls game.
Our version, ready for Photoshop. Renée later receives the Canon RAW files for her expert Photoshopping.

Inspecting the work. A good knight never passes a fault.
More cover art.
Better hair than the cover art.
The knight approves.
The knight inspects a big selfie.
To close the session with style, the knight strikes a perfect TPS. The Terrific Portrait Studio pose.